Why Embroidery?

Why Embroidery?

Embroidery is antique way to decorate fabric using a needle and threads, many designers are reinventing the ways to use embroidery in their collections.

Embroidery is the art of using coloured thread stitches to create designs on fabrics. It’s a high-end form of personalization that has many applications and that appeals to a broad range of customers.

One of the main reasons why embroidery appeals to so many people is that it has a hand-crafted look that exudes class, elegance and attention to detail. And even though today’s embroidery machine technology allows for easy, automatic stitching in a very short period of time, embroidered items do not look mass produced.

If you take a close-up look at an embroidered design, you can see that literally hundreds and even thousands of stitches come together to form an intricate, colourful pattern. And because of the prestigious, hand-crafted look of embroidery, this personalization method commands a higher price.



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